Seaforde Gardens Tropical Butterfly House

Exotic plants & free-flying butterflies

The Tropical Butterfly House is the atmospheric, jungle home to myriad species of free-flying butterflies from the Blue Morpho to the King Page Swallowtail, the Malachite to the Scarlett Peacock and the Tree Nymph, to name a few. All peacefully at home surrounded by exotic and tropical plant life.

Please note: due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, numbers into the Butterfly House will be restricted at any one time to no more 12 persons per section (other than a larger family / household group).  Visitors are encouraged to wear face masks inside the house and observe social distancing. Foot pedal hand sanitizer units are available for use by the public at clearly indicated hand cleaning stations. To avoid contamination of surfaces, hands should be cleaned regularly.

Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House

Up Close

Visitors to the Tropical Butterfly House are encouraged to wander around or sit quietly in a corner of this heated jungle and enjoy a close-up experience of these colourful and exotic butterflies as they dart here-and-there amongst the tropical plants, searching for nectar sources, and performing what appear to be aerobatic dances to attract mates.

As you wander around the house or sit quietly in a corner, you may find that some of the butterflies come to land on you, perhaps attracted by colourful fabrics of your clothes or more likely, seeking out the salt that humans produce on their skins' surface, sucking it up with their proboscis (the handy straw-like ‘device’ butterflies unfold to use as a mouth).

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Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House

Look into the life cycle

In one corner of the house, you can observe the pupae hatch into butterflies and learn about the life cycle of these fascinating animals. From hatching from a tiny egg as larva (in the form of a caterpillar) and then transforming into pupa to hatch again, but this time as a butterfly. How the butterfly then enjoys weeks or months searching for a mate before finding a place to lay eggs and begin the beautiful life cycle once again.
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House

A butterfly feast

Follow the meandering anthropods as they feast on nectar from the special fruit tables, flit around the lush plant life and float close to the turtles and terrapins hiding in the pond.

Pass through to discover a world of mini-beasts. From our friendly python (!) to glow-in-the-dark scorpions, tropical fish to talkative parrots, and not forgetting our little community of terrapins, tarantulas, giant hissing cockroaches, bugs, stick insects, and snakes. Not for the faint-hearted!

Visitors can also look forward to perusing gift shop favourites in our Seaforde Shop and letting their little ones burn off some energy in our children’s playground.

Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House
Seaforde Gardens Northern Ireland Butterfly House

Seen at #Seaforde

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, Seaforde Gardens are the perfect setting for budding photographers. Enjoy cosying up to the butterflies, zooming in to the gardens and marvelling at the peacocks and we’ll delight in featuring your beautiful shots.

Come and get up close with a large tree nymph, also known as a paper kite butterfly.  From today, face masks must be worn in the Butterfly House and Shop.
#largetreenymph #paperkitebutterfly #tropicalbutterflyhouse #tropicalbutterflies #discoverni #tourismni #seafordegardens
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How trippy is this picture 📷 seafordegardens 👀🤪🤯
#clouds #maze #seafordegardens#garden #trees #trippy #trippyphotography #niphotographer #northernireland #codown #seaforde #colours #myphotography
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Can you find the middle of the maze?  #maze #mazegarden #skygazing #daysoutwithkids #seafordegardens #discoverni #tourismni #northernirelandtourism
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The gorgeous blue morpho shows off its underside,  providing perfect camouflage against predators in the wild #bluemorpho #tropicalbutterflyhouse #seafordegardens #discoverni #tourismni
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🦋 We’re back 🦋! The Gardens and Tropical Butterfly House reopen from tomorrow, Friday 17th July.  Cafe not open initially but soft drinks and ice creams are available in the shop. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! 🦚 🦚
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Jungle vibes in the pheasantry at Seaforde Garden yesterday. 

#seafordegardens #jungle #ferns #green #rain #secretgardens #gardenviews

Cheers mcn.claire for organising the visit!
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Finding a spot out of the wind on a blustery morning! 💨🦚
44 1
Day 10 - a snap from the Seaforde Tropical Butterfly House. Definitely an enjoyable day out for all ages! Walled garden with some eye catching flowers, resident peacock strutting its stuff, and the main feature being the butterfly house itself. Butterflies, turtles, exotic birds, and even a little insect display towards the exit - what more could you want? 🦋🐢🐦🐜 #photography #canonphotography #turtle #seafordegardens #seafordebutterflyhouse #seaforde #wildlife
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Peacocks lounging in the sunshine in the Maze Garden... #peacocks #peacocksofinstagram #autumn #autumninnorthernireland #seafordegardens #discoverni
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Through the magic door into the Maze Garden seafordegardens
27 3
😍 got that special talent #butterflywhisperer #butterfly #cutedatedays #sundaychill #seafordegardens #butterflyhouse
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Everyone look at this lovely shot of Pedro. Wee stunna .
#parrots #wildlife #seaforde #butterflyhouse #ni #northernireland #seafordegardens
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The Gate to the Secret Garden 
This photo was taken seafordegardens 
#seafordegardens #gate #secretgarden #trees #pathway #nothernireland #discoverireland #amaturephotographer #photographylife #naturephotography
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Loved exploring the beautiful seafordegardens on Friday, thanks for the tour Claire! 
#exploreNI #seafordegardens #green #blueskies
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Calling all kids this Halloween 👻 🎃 ...!! Hunt for witches in the Gardens, break the spell and claim your prize 🧙‍♀️ 26th -31st October 10-5pm
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Lots of butterflies to be seen for one more week only🦋🦋!! The Butterfly House closes for the season on September 30th. The gardens and cafe will stay open Wed-Sun throughout autumn/winter...
#butterflies #photoopp #instabutterfly #seafordegardens #thegardenhousecafeseaforde #discoverni
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And so begins the short 12 day life of this lovely forest queen butterfly (Euxanthe wakefieldi). So many beauties on show in the Butterfly House until the end of September...
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Seaforde Butterfly House
Northern Ireland

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Gate to the secret garden

14 1
🦚 Shining in the sun 🦚
#northernirelandtourism #seafordegardens #seafordebutterflyhouse #peacock
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Covid 19 Update

Please note: Seaforde Gardens continues to monitor the latest guidance from Government on social distancing guidelines. This means that it may need to adopt new precautionary measures from time to time, including temporary closure if required. Please visit this website and our social media pages for any updates.

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